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'Her Time' : A curated photo series

  • Take Five Meditation 1803 Connecticut Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20009 United States (map)

"How do women experience life without pause, and when and how do they practice self-care?" Her Time is a collection of photos that illustrate different forms of self-awareness.  

These questions ignited the idea for my first photography series, Her Time. I invited women who have crossed my path from all over the world to participate in the project. These women range from entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, mothers, and play many roles daily. They continue to inspire me with their stories of resilience, growth and self-love. As a photographer, my initial thought was to take the photos myself. However, I wanted the moment to be captured in the rawest sense and not staged. So, I asked the women to think about how they practice self-care and to document it with photos that were self-taken or captured by someone they knew.  They were also asked to send along a brief description of why this form of practice is important to them.

The request not only allowed these women to see themselves as the artist but more importantly to remember how important self-preservation is in our very busy lives. While the photos come from a variety of women, this story comes from a very personal space and out of it has emerged poetry that I hope to publish.

Displaying these photos creates a space and opportunity for viewers to think and discuss how/when they might practice self-love and how vital it is to healing and personal growth. It’s important to remember that to care for others we must remember to care for ourselves first.

Her Time will be available for viewing during Art All Night on Saturday, September 29, 2018 from 7pm to Midnight at Take Five Meditation.